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My experience interacting with government entities enables me to help clients improve their tax position. For example, I’ve successfully lobbied for the exemption from sales/use tax of aircraft and their associated parts, as well as ground equipment. 

Against heavy odds, I was able to work with Democrats and Republicans to obtain an exemption from Michigan’s sales/use tax. I explained in detail how granting this exemption would make airline maintenance more economical. I also found the number of maintenance jobs at Detroit Metro (DTW) and Willow Run (YIP) airports and calculated the total payroll. With this information, I was able to convince an important state legislator to sponsor an exemption bill. Although it was vigorously opposed by the treasury, it passed and was signed. 

The industry had tried and failed for over 10 years to get this type of legislation passed. Considering that used aircraft jet engines can easily cost $15,000,000, the savings are considerable.

I also played a part in industry programs to stop overly aggressive states from taxing interstate transportation. Plus, I acquainted legislators with the 4R Act and the reasons it was passed.

In addition, I’ve successfully lobbied to get local tax benefits for clients, which can make the difference between a project being economical (and getting done) and a project being cancelled or abandoned.

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