An image of train tracks at sunset

Railroad Consulting

Includes tax studies, a tax calendar, operations review, track and bridge assessment, ratio analysis, and more. 

Business Planning

For business owners who are dealing with resource constraints we develop a business plans with sales, costs and financing needs. 

Accounting Services

Accounting services for management, setting up QuickBooks to provide basic accounting and analytical reports. 

Tax Credits

We offer up-to-date consulting and advice about relevant credits, which are dollar for dollar reductions in a taxpayer’s liability.

Government Relations 

We have successfully lobbied for local tax benefits, exemption from sales tax, and more working with both Democrats and Republicans.

Tax Preparation

We can quickly review a taxpayer’s returns and determine what needs to be done, and create an up-to-date and correct tax calendar.

Cost Segregation

Cost Segregation is the process of reclassifying building costs which are subject to a shorter tax life on account of their special use. 

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