Small Business Consulting

Small Business Consulting to Help You Grow

Many small business owners are great at whatever their business is but when it comes to the financial “stuff”, it’s easy to get confused. Small business consulting services from Robert D. Shannon CPA can help you stay on course to be successful. Learn how to manage your money, what tax benefits you may be eligible for and how to get more money to expand your business among other services. Your small business will run smooth with the expertise of Robert D. Shannon’s consulting service.

You, Your Business, and the IRS

It isn’t hard for small businesses to get into trouble with the IRS. Oversights in tax liability, inaccurate reporting and other mistakes can cost small businesses big time. Robert D. Shannon CPA can be a valuable ally. We’ve helped many small businesses prepare critical financial documents for banks and the IRS.

Our first step is to sit down with small business owners to analyze their business practices. We can track critical ratios for bank presentations, and make recommendations for business planning. We can also help them make tax projections and determine what tax advantages they may have with their business.

Helping Small Business Overcome Challenges

Robert D. Shannon CPA knows the challenges of small business finances, and more importantly, how to help you overcome them. These days, small businesses are faced with more rigid requirements for obtaining loans to expand, more complicated tax policies and a shortage of good information to help them navigate these challenges.

Robert D. Shannon CPA can make sure you are fully prepared to deal with all of the financial and tax obstacles that come with running a small business in today’s economic climate. As a certified professional, Robert has decades of experience in working with small businesses on financial matters.

Small Business Consulting Financial Services Include:

Financial reports

Robert D. Shannon CPA can prepare unaudited financial statements, grant and/or loan applications, cash flow projections and analysis of your business’s financial statements. Financial reports from Robert D. Shannon CPA are top-notch and highly accurate.


Robert D. Shannon CPA can help you with all of your small business tax preparation and projection needs. We specialize in preparing federal and state returns and can represent you in the event of an audit. Our tax projections are second to none and we can help you avoid liabilities that you may otherwise be responsible for. We can also perform tax research including entity choice and various federal and state/local tax credits/benefits. Contact the professionals at Robert D. Shannon CPA today for all of your small business consulting needs. Whether you need accounting help or guidance with your small business tax liabilities, Robert D. Shannon can help.

Contact Robert D. Shannon CPA today for all of your small business consulting needs.