Better data equals better reports which equals better financial health.

A key to our philosophy and the key driver for our services is the integration of accounting, financial and tax data. By setting up the books and records correctly at the beginning, we can prepare reports and tax returns more efficiently and accurately. Efficiency, speed, accuracy.

We provide complete accounting, finance and tax services to a variety of clients. Professional service combined with billing rates that are very reasonable make us a smart choice.

Our services are broad, and include the following:

Financial Reports

  • Preparation and interpretation/analysis of unaudited financial statements. This analysis helps determine the state of the business’s health for operating purposes and/or valuation for an investment in or sale of the business
  • Analysis of data that can reveal problems, such as inadequate gross margins; too many slow paying customers, etc.
  • Financial reports as a critical part of grant/loan applications
  • Cash flow projections


  • Preparation of tax returns: Federal income, state income/franchise, payroll, sales-use, etc.
  • Audit representation
  • Tax projections

Railway Consulting Services

  • Preparation of Application for the Rehabilitation Credit for Class II and Class III railroads
  • Operations analysis
  • Preparation of tax returns and audit representation


  • Preparation of business plans
  • Preparation and interpretation/analysis of unaudited financial statements
  • Preparation of reports that may be required to get grants, such as SBIR grants
  • Preparation of financial reports to either credit grantors or potential investors
  • Interpretation of financial results
  • Setting up the client in QuickBooks