Cut penalties, Minimize liabilities, Get Deep Knowledge of the Railroad Industry from Robert D. Shannon CPA

With experience in the railroad industry, Bob saves clients’ money because he knows the people, processes and practices of the industry. Bob’s experience includes major work on the first railway cost models on a Department of Energy project. A premier railroad consulting company, Robert D. Shannon CPA provides valuable experience in rail cost models, public private partnership analysis and research of high speed rail (HSR) systems.

Robert D. Shannon CPA Is an Experienced and Passionate about helping Class II and Class III Railroad Companies

Robert’s in depth experience in representing taxpayers before various authorities has given him the ability to who want to cut penalties or minimize tax liabilities count on the expertise of Robert D. Shannon CPA to guide them with extensive railroad consulting knowledge. Robert can do IRC Sec. 45 Track Rehabilitation credits for class II and class III rail roads. He can also help with local tax benefits such as grants for pollution control for locomotives and economic development grants.

Bob has had both economic develop and lobbying experience for industries where he has worked in the past. One of those industries is transportation and his tax experience in dealing with various government bureaucracies will be of considerable help for under-resourced and small rail ways.

Bob has also been an attendee at the Michigan Rail Road conference and is a member of AREMA The American Railway Engineering and Maintenance-of-Way Association). As part of Bob’s transportation practice he helps Class II’s and Class III’s with their accounting, tax and business challenges or their accounting, tax and economic development benefits.

Robert D. Shannon was the only accountant in several courses offered by AREMA which included Practical Railway Engineering and The design of intermodal terminals. His experience has also included work developing the first railroad cost model for The Department of Energy.

Robert D. Shannon Railroad Consulting Company Services

Services provided for Class II and Class III owners include:

Financial reports

  • Financial statements and management reports in proper format

Taxes with emphasis on special rules that apply to railroads

  • Federal, state and local income tax returns
  • IRC Sec. 45 Track Rehabilitation credits
  • Sales/Use, property and excise returns
  • Tax Projections
  • Audit representation
  • Tax research including entity choice and various federal and state/local tax credits/benefits

Operational Studies

  • Studies on car utilization, dwell times and similar issues


  • Grant/Loan applications: work closely with government entities for grants or other public issues/benefits, including reports required to be filed with government agencies to retain tax benefits, including railway rehabilitation grants.